About Us.  And why we know water.

Our Experience
Within the watery realm, we have over 45 years of
manufacturing experience including developing and producing industrial aquatic filtration and display systems for customers such as Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Rain Forest Cafe, Petsmart and Petco. We have designed and manufactured numerous liquid control systems including centrifugal filtration systems, rocket fuel conditioning systems, industrial sterilization systems and development of water-to-hydrogen conversion systems.

Our Passion
Our experience has taught us that any mechanical challenge can be solved with determination, diligence and perhaps a new perspective. The Waterdance Valve embodies our commitment to excellence and to the well-being of humanity and the environmental health of our planet.

Our Goal
To ensure the technology of the Waterdance Valve reaches the hands, homes and businesses of the individuals who can put it to work for the benefit of us all.

Refreshing waterfall from a mountatin stream cascading over rocks.
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