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A Sample Installation
Further down on this page you'll find a link to our
animation video. But first let's take a look at a sample installation.

The first two photos below provide a visual reference of what a typical retrofit installation might look like. The first photo is a small sink and vanity combination. The next photo shows a shot of the inside of the vanity cabinet showing a representation of the Waterdance Valve, the plumbing, and the accumulator. We've removed the water drainage pipe to allow full viewing.

Small sink/vanity combo. Vanity door open showing Waterdance Valve sample installation.
A close-up of the valve and plumbing shows the incoming water supply coming from the standard on/off valves (in chrome). Hoses route the water directly to the top of the Waterdance Valve (in blue) where the water-saving functionality is performed. Cold-water being saved to the accumulator (shown in the picture on the right) flows through the blue hose. Likewise, previously-saved cold water will flow from the accumulator back to the Waterdance Valve through the same blue hose. Water exiting the bottom of the Waterdance Valve is directed to the correct outlet hose based on temperature and proceeds to the faucet.
Close-up view of Waterdance Valve and plumbing inside vanity. Accumulator inside vanity.

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Additional Applications.  It's not just for home.

Thinking "Outside the Valve" - The focus of this site is to explain the basic concepts of the valve. But from an engineering standpoint, we can do still more. Tweaking the design and thinking on a larger scale can open up additional possibilities.

Shower valve.

Shower Valve

The Waterdance Valve functionality can be engineered directly into a standard shower valve which is where many of us waste the most water.
Water faucet with drop of water.

Tuning the Drip

A deliberate intermittent drip indicates the water saving cycle has begun. A slow drip can be eliminated or increased to a steady trickle, such as for hand washings.

Jumbo jet in flight.

Kitchens & Industrial

Larger accumulators are used for special environments or for those who require more hot water than most.

Reverse osmosis filters and accumulator.

Mandate it

The low-flush toilet decreased water waste by 1 to 2 gallons per flush. A government mandate of the Waterdance Valve could have a similar significant impact.