Waterdance. Conserving water for a thirsty planet

A home water saving device for the real world.
We all do it. We let the cold water flow down the drain
while we're waiting for the hot water to arrive at the faucet. Until now, technology hasn't allowed us to easily capture that cold water before it disappears forever. But with the arrival of the Waterdance Valve, we now have a clean, efficient means for each of us to conserve water.

How much water? A lot.

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Rain-style showerhead with hot water flowing out and steam rising.
What It Does.  Saving the planet millions of gallons of water, one household at a time.

Simply stated, when hot water is needed, the Waterdance Valve allows you to save the cold water that is normally wasted while you're waiting for the hot water to arrive at the faucet. The water that previously went unused down the drain is now stored for later use when cold water is needed. And - it requires no electricity, batteries or pumps to do it.

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Water going down a drain.
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Uncooked pasta and cooking pot, fresh tomatoes, garlic, and peppers.
The Water Crisis. It's not about a shortage of water, it's about the management of water.

The problem is here, it's real, and it's growing larger every day. Why? Not because there's a shortage of water; the planet has plenty. It's because we don't manage it properly. The human population is growing rapidly, and with it the demand for clean fresh water escalates as well.

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